Now you can train in Colorado, the Himalayas, the Alps or the Andes without moving there!

AltoLab, the world's most affordable personal altitude training simulator, is a small breathing device that allows athletes to experience high altitude conditions for only minutes a day. AltoLab's unique design and compact size allows it to be used anywhere and requires no outside power.

The AltoLab system is based on the principles of intermittent hypoxic training (IHT), a recognized method for improving your body’s oxygen efficiency. With AltoLab the "Live High, Train Low" training method is available to everyone, not just well-funded athletes. With AltoLab there is no need to travel to high altitudes for weeks at a time and no need to sleep in expensive, claustrophobic altitude tents. With AltoLab a daily session lasts about 1 hr and is repeated for 15-days. The user then takes a 15-day break during which the athletic event takes place. For those who want to continue during they follow with a series of 5-day top-ups separated by 15-day breaks. As the number of top-ups increase, users find even greater levels of performance and the ability to train more intensely.

AltoLab has become the secret weapon of top athletes who seek to improve stamina, speed and endurance.

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